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    October 04, 2022 3 min read


    As a brand, we must say that we’re SO happy to be here right now. To be dusted off and pulled from the corner in which we sat, depressed, listening to Sharon Van Etten, writing messages to our best friends and then erasing them just like Jimmy Johns offers free smells to anyone on the “flavor of air” diet. We have picked ourselves up, taken a hot shower, saged the room, and now we’re writing REAL messages to REAL people! The pep in our step is zippy, but quite careful, as we navigate a new world where a comfortable brand can hopefully live and thrive.

    You may know of Natural Threads as that "hip" brand you saw on Instagram 2 years ago slinging some of the tastiest designs centered around all the best outdoor, and indoor honestly, activities the Ozarks have to offer: fishing, biking, hiking, lawn sporting, social distancing, voting, patio-ing, canoeing, camping, ya get the picture. Anyway, we are back baby! But we've changed a bit, for the better.

    “Wait, but what does Natural Threads do now?!” So glad you asked! We will continue to pump out great artwork on t-shirts and accessories you’ve come to, or soon will, love. But we’re adding another great service, creating custom products with and for you. It’s in the tagline “WAVE YOUR FLAG”. We desire to partner with you and create products that allow you to promote yourself, who you are, and who you stand with whether it be your podcast, band, family reunion, human rights group, restaurant, bar, art or music festival, dentistry practice, horse farm, dance studio, underwater basket weaving competition, you get it! We’re so excited to create partnerships with you and your community. 

    We are a brand that has grown its roots in Northwest Arkansas and will continue to serve the community in which we reside with utmost attention and care. And we know, there’s basically a t-shirt shop on every corner. But we all have that handful of t-shirts in our drawer that are our favorite to wear. Our goal is to have 80% of those favorites come from the production doors of Natural Threads with our motive centered around the production process of that t-shirt. Whether it comes from recycled plastic pulled from the ocean or organic cotton grown, milled, sewn, and dyed right around the corner. It’s not just a name, we want our products to be as safe as possible for our planet. We’re starting by only shipping in biodegradable packaging & giving you the option to choose carbon-neutral shipping at check out. This is just the beginning! And the world is not our oyster, it’s our home and we only have 1 so we must stop being parasites and start being beneficially mutual inhabitants. 

    At this point, most of us have worked past the “weird” of returning to work, social life, and back to reality. But we all know it’s honestly a changed reality. We’re all a bit more protective of our time, money, effort, and the things we purchase. When the cost of living goes up 7% lots of priorities change. Maybe we’re eating mac n’cheese, off-brand, of course, a little bit more. Maybe we pick and choose the weeks we buy the new seasonal microbrew release and instead reach for the PBR. Whatever your reason for choosing the brands you choose in the constant battle of “what I deserve” vs “what I need”, we hope that Natural Threads is one of those brands you visit a few times or keep in constant touch with. 

    On that note! Keep in touch with us and let us know how you’re doing. Or let us know how we’re doing. OR let’s start something cool together and impress all our friends. Thank you so much for catching up with us, we hope to do so in the outside world very very soon if we haven't already.